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Be a Product Manager for pesticides portfolios at EMEA level

Do you want to work in a multinational company at the top in the agrochemical sector? Global company, leader in Crop Protection, is looking for experienced Product Managers to be in charge of their vast and always-evolving Plat Protection...

20/04/18 | Permanent | Competitive | Netherlands

Regulatory specialist in registrazioni fitofarmaci (PPP)

Vorresti lavorare in un`azienda leader nel settore degli Agrochemicals a livello globale e che tenta di migliorarsi ogni anno investendo fortemente in ricerca e sviluppo? Il mio cliente è un`azienda produttrice di prodotti per la protezione delle...

19/04/18 | Permanent | Competitive | Italy

Product Manager for global leading company on crop protection

Are you looking to expand your business network and your work knowledge at EMEA level? Multinational company specialised in agrochemicals is looking for products managers for their vast portfolios to work at EMEA level. They strongly invests in...

18/04/18 | Permanent | Competitive | Germany

Specialista registrazioni per Crop Protection Products

Vorresti lavorare in un`azienda leader nei fitofarmaci a livello mondiale? Il mio cliente è un`azienda produttrice di insetticidi, fungicidi, erbicidi tra le migliori al mondo. L’azienda investe inoltre ogni anno nella ricerca e sviluppo in...

17/04/18 | Permanent | Competitive | Italy

Agrochemical Portfolio Manager in leading company at EMEA level

Are looking for a multinational company where you will increase your knowledge and strengthen your international business network? My client is a multinational company leader in the Agrochemical sector at global level. They are looking for...

16/04/18 | Permanent | Competitive | France

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